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Burgitto Bistro started out in 2015 on a food truck where they started a following that will rave high reviews to you.  They have traveled to their home town of Blanchester, Ohio, Clinton County Fair, Jeff Wyler's, Blanchester's Fourth of July celebrations, Tractor Pulls, Clinton County Corn Festival and finally settling on a brick and mortar location in the Roachester area of Morrow, Ohio.


The burgitto consists of a ¼ lb. steak burger, filled with a variety of toppings such as the classic vegetable fillings, Cincinnati style chili, shrimp, or even the fried green tomatoes, American, Swiss or pepper jack cheeses and condiments.  It is wrapped in a flour tortilla and grilled to perfection. 


Burgitto Bistro is owned by Christina Price.  Her fiancé Shawn Felts is a general manager.  Shawn works a full time job and still manages to come and help in his free time.  They have two daughters, Michelle and Rinn and two sons, Ted and Sam.  The Price Felts home consists of a menagerie of animals including turkeys and pot bellied pigs. 


The brick and mortar location opened up on March 2nd, 2018.  You may also find them at festivals if they can steal away from their new location.  We will keep you updated.


Bacon Chees Burgitto and Waffle Cut Fries
Burgitto and Fries
Breakfast at Burgittos in Morrow, Ohio

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